Hypnosis & Meditation MP3 Recordings

Personalised Hypnosis & Meditation MP3 as prepared by Michael Walsh, Adv Dip Hypnotherapy, CHPA, of Cavan & Ashbourne Hypnotherapy, Ireland

The best way to deal with the underlying issues of stress and anxiety is through in person therapy. However for a variety of reasons some people are unable or reluctant to attend a therapist.

On line courses and meditations/self hypnosis recordings can be excellent resources in managing stress/anxiety in the short to medium term. Below are a list of Michael's recordings.

1. Grounding (Helps you become more present)
2. Resilience (Helps you connect to past positive memories)
3. Energy (Creates a flow of healing energy)

Price: 10Euro per recording or set of 3 recordings for 20Euro.

Payment: This offer is in aid of OF Cuan Cancer Support Cavan. All monies received are paid directly via idonate.ie.

To make payment click on www.idonate.ie/fundraiser/cuancancersupport.
Txt 087 174 5723 to confirm payment with your email address and the recordings will be forwarded.