Advanced Mindful Self Compassion & Chakra Class

Chakra Healing Course, Cavan with Michael Walsh - Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association registered Therapist, Ireland
Self Compassion allows you to be a friend to the person you already are. Often our "conditions of worth" are set so high we are unable to meet them resulting in us often going through life seeing ourselves as not good enough. We frequently have that internal critic in our head that's why we need self compassion.

During these classes you will learn to develop a friendly attitude towards yourself knowing your are your own best friend no matter what. This course comprises a unique blend of mindfulness, meditation, and the chakra energy system. Classes take place in Arts & Cultural Centre,The Backyard, Moyne Hall, Cavan

Next class as outlined below:
Tuesday 24th Sept 2019 (7.30pm - 9pm) (bookings closed)
Wednesday 11th Dec 2019 (8.30pm-9.30pm) (bookings closed.)

These classes are only open to those who have completed the 6 week introductory mindfulness course or equivalent.
Fee is 20 Euro.

To Register

To register and secure your place txt 087 174 5723 stating name and course type and pay the fee in advance.

Deposit Payment

Please pay your €30 course fee using the button below.